Sunday, 22 May 2016

Oppression - A TBC Review


by Jessica Therrien

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oppression is the first book in Jessica Therrien's Children of God's series. We meet the main character, Elyse and her friends and are taken into another world, which exists within ours. Elyse was led to believe her entire life that she had a rare genetic disease, inherited from her parents, which means that she ages more slowly than others. We enter her life when she is 89 years old, but still looks very much like a teenager.

Jessica Therrien has created a story which has all the elements for a modern young adult tale and then added her own stamp on this popular genre by giving Children of the Gods a Greek mythology flavour. We meet the descendants and their incredible powers, derived from the Greek Gods of old.

The story unfolds at a good pace, likeable main characters and despicable "baddies" battle and scheme for order. An intriguing first instalment, this book will leave any young reader wanting to pick up the story in the next book.

Will Elyse find her happy ever after? Will she fulfil the prophecy? I am sure I will enjoy book 2 as much as i did this one.

Part supernatural romance, part action, this book is sure to delight especially younger teenage girls.

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